About Us

Read the story of Fabe's below:

Mother knows best when it comes to baking with real ingredients Sweetened by Nature™ for a truly gourmet taste!

"Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? When I learned to bake, it was all about pure ingredients and great taste. I'm proud to say our family recipes continue this family tradition and contain no refined sugar, cane juice/sugar, no brown sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial ingredients at all! They are simply made with high quality real ingredients Sweetened by Nature™ with fruits, veggies and grains, which is why they are so deliciously moist and irresistible."

Elizabeth Fabos

Welcome to Fabe's All Natural Bakery, we're so glad you stopped by to read about our story. We've been baking natural healthy desserts for over twenty-two years, so rest assured, we are the real deal and not just following the trends, we actually pioneered them.

Fabe's All Natural Bakery was co-founded in 1989 by Steve Fabos, a 40-year veteran of the baking industry, and an avid nutrition enthusiast. Fabos, who continues to be the company's CEO, was raised on wholesome foods where he garnered a true appreciation for meals made from real ingredients - thanks to his mother, Elizabeth Fabos, whose healthy standards (and recipes) truly inspired him.

When Fabos had kids of his own and began to stray from his health conscious roots, he soon realized the true value of his mother's gift when he saw first hand the effects of feeding kids products that contained refined sugar, food additives, preservatives and food grade coloring dyes – irritability and hyperactivity. It was this revelation that lead Fabos to create a full line of all natural delicious baked goods – Sweetened by Nature™ – with fruits, veggies and grains … inspired by some of his mother's recipes. Fabe's was the first bakery in the natural market to provide healthy delicious desserts to the retail health industry.

Fabe's remained a solely family-owned business until 2004, at which time Charles Kosmont joined the team and was named the company's Chairman. Kosmont brought with him additional decades of business experience from within the food, agribusiness and nutrition industries, adding a new perspective to the company's sustainability.

Today Fabe's offers a variety of different dietary preferences to choose from, including gluten free, vegan, whole grain and organic products.